This is HUGE! 73% of Gamers say they will Play Starfield at Launch (Poll)

In a recent poll conducted by a YouTuber, it was found that 73% of gamers are planning to play Star Citizen at its launch in September. The poll received a significant response from 642 voters within just 22 hours. This result came as a surprise to the YouTube creator, as Star Citizen is not the main focus of their channel. However, the popularity and hype surrounding the upcoming space game seem to be driving people’s interest in playing it.

Many gamers expressed their cautiousness and skepticism, citing concerns about the reputation of Star Citizen being buggy at launch. Some stated that they would wait for reviews and player feedback before deciding to purchase the game. Others mentioned the availability of the game on Xbox Game Pass, which makes it more accessible and affordable for many players. Some individuals also mentioned other upcoming releases, such as Payday 3 and BG3, as potential competition for Star Citizen, which may influence their decision to play it immediately or wait.

Overall, the poll indicates that there is a significant level of anticipation and interest in Star Citizen, with the majority of gamers expressing their intention to play it when it launches. However, concerns about potential bugs and the availability of other games may still influence some individuals to hold off on purchasing it right away.