This gives me anxiety, and I love it!! (Star Citizen)

"Star Citizen has a load of ways to make money but smuggling vice into around the verse is probably one of the easiest ways to make quick cash if you know the right routes. Just be warned, some folks might watch this video and catch on…


In the video, the player is piloting a stealth ship in the game Star Citizen. They have equipped the ship with stealth components for a risky smuggling mission. The goal is to transport valuable cargo without getting caught by other players or security scans. The player finds the gameplay unique and exciting, with a sense of anxiety due to the potential dangers involved. They aim to earn around 60k worth of in-game currency every five minutes.

The player starts by landing their ship at a cargo area and successfully purchasing 12 units of cargo for delivery. They show off the ship’s interior, which includes items like a mug, plushie, and helmets. The player notes that they have removed the tractor beam from the ship to maximize stealth, though they mention potential benefits from having it equipped. They encounter a crashed ship and a dead body, bringing a sense of suspense to the mission.

The player takes off from the cargo area and sets a destination for Demar and Brio’s Breakyard. They mention that the ship’s upgraded components help reduce the ship’s visibility to enemies, though the most likely encounter locations are at Brio’s Breakyard or the previously visited private property. The player has also equipped ballistic weapons on their ship for potential combat situations. They showcase the ship’s speed and efficiency during travel.

Upon reaching the destination, the player lands and sells the cargo, earning a profit of 200k in-game currency. They express satisfaction with the quick and successful run, though they admit to not obtaining all the desired cargo due to time constraints. The player takes note of the lack of danger and server issues during the recording session, remarking that the gameplay loop of smuggling is enjoyable. They end the video with a cautionary note to gamers, suggesting that they wait before attempting the same smuggling strategy to avoid potential competition or interference from other players.

In summary, the player undertakes a smuggling mission in Star Citizen using a stealth ship. They successfully purchase and transport valuable cargo to earn in-game currency. The player showcases the ship’s features, encounters abandoned ships and a dead body, and completes multiple runs with ease. They express satisfaction with the gameplay and profitability but caution other players to expect potential challenges and competition if attempting the same strategy.