This game could cause a lot of problems to AAA Developers | Silica honest review

In this video review of the game Silica, the content creator discusses its unique blend of RTS and FPS gameplay, praising its impressive graphics and well-balanced factions. While acknowledging some flaws, they express excitement for the game’s potential and encourage support for the developer.

In this video review of the game Silica, the content creator discusses the unique aspects and potential impact of this indie game developed by a single person and published by Bohemia Interactive. Silica is a mix of real-time strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) genres, offering a range of gameplay modes, including arena, prospector, and strategy modes. The game is praised for its impressive graphics, immersive environment, and the use of projectile-based weapons with armor penetration mechanics. The asymmetrical gameplay between the human and alien factions is well-balanced, and the game’s soundtrack adds to the overall experience.

While the reviewer highlights several flaws, such as subpar interior lighting and textures in buildings and vehicles, the lackluster infantry gameplay, occasional AI jank, and simplistic damage models for destroyed structures, they also acknowledge that these issues can be improved over time. The game’s optimization and lack of bugs are praised, especially in comparison to other early access titles. The developer has plans to implement new features, including air units for all factions, voice over IP for team communication, unique units for the Centauri faction, improved AI, matchmaking, ranked play, more maps, and the ability to remotely control units.

The reviewer offers their own suggestions for future improvements, including larger maps, infantry units with jetpacks or utility gadgets, dedicated servers for a better multiplayer experience, and end game commander special abilities. They express their enthusiasm for the game’s potential and encourage viewers to support the developer, considering the game’s affordable price point and the promise it shows. The video wraps up with a reminder to check out the creator’s other content and ways to support them, thanking viewers for watching.