THESE are the Ships and Vehicles the STAR CITIZEN community are waiting for

In a live stream poll, the Star Citizen community voted on which upcoming ships and vehicles they are most excited about. The overwhelming winner was the Crusader Spirit series, followed closely by the Argo SRV. The community is particularly interested in the Argo SRV for its towing capabilities and the potential to transport valuable shipwrecks to safer locations.

Alien ships like the Xi’An Santok’yāi also garnered some interest from the community. However, the Storm, a ground combat vehicle, received only a small percentage of votes. Some commenters expressed excitement for the E1, which offers additional gameplay options, while others were looking forward to the Vulcan and the Railen for their potential missions and bunker exploration.

Overall, the community is most anticipating the Crusader Spirit series and the Argo SRV, highlighting their enthusiasm for space vehicles over ground vehicles. It is clear that players are eager for new gameplay mechanics and options in the upcoming ships and vehicles.