There MUST Be MORE To Alpha 3.20? - VFX Latest, Roadmap Update & Missions | Star Citizen This Week

In the coming week of Star Citizen, updates include a narrative team’s post, a roadmap update, and insights into the Visual Effects Department’s work in ‘Inside Star Citizen’. The much-awaited Alpha 3.20 may have more than expected content due to its delayed release, and the exciting ‘Star Citizen Live’ will be demoing mission creation, with backers getting an opportunity to support their favourite ship for prizes, potentially hinting at large features to be displayed at CitizenCon.

In the upcoming week of Star Citizen, on Tuesday the narrative team will be dropping a post titled ‘Jerry: A Half Told Truth’. It is speculated that this may refer to the first Banu to come in contact with humans and could potentially be new content. On Wednesday, there will be a roadmap update along with the Squadron 42 monthly report. Some good progress on the project has been noted with certain teams nearing completion of their work.

On Thursday, ‘Inside Star Citizen’ returns and will feature the Visual Effects Department further elaborating on their role in Star Citizen’s development and updates on their latest work. They have recently worked on various interior and exterior locations in Pyro, worked on a size 5 bomb, three upcoming vehicles and have been improving the fire propagation system and lightning in gas clouds. Additionally, they have been bringing weapon effects up to a better standard.

Friday will feature ‘Star Citizen Live’, where Elliott Maltby from the mission team will demonstrate the process of creating a mission. The show is expected to provide insights into the mission system, and how quickly a mission can be assembled. In addition, the ship showdown has officially commenced where backers interested in their favorite ship getting through phase one can create as much noise as possible about it, eventually resulting in the crowning of a winner who will receive several in-game items and prizes.

The Alpha 3.20 team is targeting an Evocati rollout this week, which will include further 3.20 content, notwithstanding the fact that the build assembled failed to release on the planned date. Speculations have arisen as to this delay, with many believing that this build may contain more than what is currently known, potentially something like the separation of the replication layer, a feature requiring significant work to get server meshing working.

While this week might not seem the most exciting, it’s necessary to note that many of the larger features currently in the works are reserved for display in CitizenCon. Star Citizen shares updates and answers questions regularly over at Twitch. Any fans and prospective viewers are welcome to join the community.