THEATRES OF WAR UPDATE! - 3.20 Evocati Testing & Roadmap Update | Star Citizen This Week

This week in the world of Star Citizen, there are several updates and events to look forward to. On Tuesday, the narrative team will release their monthly com link post, addressing community questions and providing more details on the game’s lore. Wednesday will bring an update to the roadmap, teasing upcoming features for Alpha 3.20. The focus is on improving stability and performance, particularly with regards to the highly anticipated “Theaters of War” game mode. The team is working to reduce desync and maintain a solid 60fps before its release.

Additionally, there will be a new Alpha 3.20 PTU build for Evocati testing. This build will concentrate on updating the Pirate Swarm mode in Arena Commander, as they fine-tune individual features of Alpha 3.20 leading up to its release, which is currently slated for the end of September. The community eagerly awaits news on the progress of Theaters of War, and it is speculated that it may be the next step after the release of 3.20.

In other news, there will be a release of the Persistent Universe monthly report and a new episode of the hardcore “Zero to Hero” series by the content creator. They are also expanding their presence on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitch, where they will be streaming and sharing additional Star Citizen content. It may not be the most eventful week, but fans are excited to see what updates and information will be revealed about Theaters of War and other upcoming features.