The tragic state of Ground Vehicles in Star Citizen

The video discusses the current issues with ground vehicles in Star Citizen, highlighting their underrepresentation in gameplay loops and design flaws. The suggested improvements include increasing vehicle durability, enhancing situational awareness, improving driving mechanics, and refining stealth characteristics to enhance the gameplay experience.

The video discusses the state of ground vehicles in Star Citizen, a game that has expanded beyond just space exploration. The addition of atmospheric flight, violent weather, and base building has made the game more immersive and planet-focused. However, there is a significant gap between the power of atmospheric spaceships and the vulnerability of players on foot. Ground vehicles are meant to bridge this gap but currently face several design flaws and weaknesses.

One of the main issues is that ground vehicles are underrepresented in gameplay loops despite being sold at high prices. They lack defined purposes and are often outperformed by combat-oriented ships. It is suggested that ground vehicles should be made tougher to justify the resources required to deploy them. They need increased hull HP and larger health pools for their size zero shields. Additionally, a soft death state for vehicles and adjustments to vehicle component hit points and distortion resistance are needed.

Situational awareness inside vehicles also needs improvement. The lack of vital information, such as target data, radar, and damage interpretation, creates a frustrating experience. The driving mechanics of ground vehicles are tedious, with poor maneuverability and a tendency to get stuck on trivial terrain. Better mobility and design choices, especially for tracked vehicles, are needed.

Ground vehicles currently have the advantage of stealth due to their lower signatures, allowing them to surprise attack unsuspecting ships. However, recent changes have increased their detection ranges, reducing their stealthiness and making them vulnerable to missile attacks. Other problems with ground vehicles include non-standard dimensions, improper gradients on ship ramps, lack of rangefinders, and server-dependent IFCS systems.

In conclusion, the state of ground vehicles in Star Citizen is tragic. To fully enjoy the vast and detailed planetary environments, improvements need to be made. Addressing the issues mentioned, such as vehicle durability, situational awareness, driving mechanics, and stealth characteristics, would greatly enhance the gameplay experience with ground vehicles.