The times we DIDN'T Make it - LTI ship Giveaway - Star Citizen Exploration Science Gameplay

In this video, content creators attempt to explore restricted areas in the game Star Citizen but face various challenges and glitches, ultimately failing to breach the dome’s integrity and reach the top of the Houston Tower. Despite their unsuccessful attempts, they express gratitude to the community and game developers, and announce a giveaway for a Star Citizen game package.

In this video, the content creators attempt to explore and access various restricted areas in the game Star Citizen. They start by using a tractor beam to try and get vehicles into the commons of New Babbage. Despite facing challenges and experiencing glitches, they are unable to breach the dome’s integrity. They also try to access the hospital below the Aspire Grand Hotel in New Babbage but are impounded. They then move on to exploring the tunnels in Area 18, but find that most areas are off-limits.

The content creators then shift their focus to the Houston Tower in Loreville. They try to land on the tower and climb it, but encounter invisible walls and gaps that prevent them from reaching the top. They also attempt to land on the pillars over the business district, but find that there is no collision and they fall through. They finally try landing on the front slope of the Houston Tower and climbing it, but again encounter issues with collision and are unable to reach the top. They experiment with different techniques, such as dropping one player onto the slope from a moving ship, but are still unsuccessful.

Despite their failed attempts, the content creators continue to have fun and enjoy the process. They also express their gratitude to the Star Citizen community and the game developers for their support. The video ends with a giveaway announcement for a Star Citizen game package and a thank you to the patrons who support the channel.