The Starfield Q&A Recap: Hardly a 'Massive Data Dump"

“I distill the Starfield Dev Q&A. And frankly I vound it had just a few nuggets of information and did not touch on a lot of what it should.”

In a recent hour-long Q&A session with Bethesda’s lead Quest designer Will Shen and lead designer Emil Pagliarulo, several questions were addressed regarding the highly anticipated game, Starfield. Some highlights from the session include the confirmation that players will be able to buy homes in the main cities, with at least one home being given as a quest reward. Players will also have the option to customize their character’s appearance based on traits inherited from their parents if they choose the “Kid’s Stuff” trait.

Regarding gameplay mechanics, it was revealed that certain cargo in the game will be considered contraband and players will need to hide or avoid getting scanned by authorities. However, it was disappointing to learn that the game’s economy is fixed, with prices for goods depending solely on the player’s skill level, eliminating the need to monitor market fluctuations or have player actions affect the game world.

Starfield will feature a law system similar to Skyrim, where players can face penalties, resist arrest, or even engage in jailbreaking. It was also mentioned that players can choose to be a double agent as part of the Crimson Fleet storyline. However, completing the game without using lethal force in pacifist mode may be unlikely. Existing real-world religions are said to still exist in the game, but the focus will be on the game’s fictional religions, such as the Sanctum Universum and the Enlightened.

The game will offer over 20 named character companions to recruit, each with their own backstory, while crew members will need to be purchased with a one-time fee and will not require ongoing payment or upkeep costs. Companions will serve as buffs to the player’s skill level and the ship’s abilities, but they will not level up. The Q&A session also touched on various fluffy questions, such as the developers’ favorite parts of the game and the books or movies that inspired them. However, many important topics, such as shipbuilding, base building, and equipment crafting, were left unaddressed in the session.