The Star Citizen Post Mortem is FINALLY Here!

The Star Citizen Post Mortem discusses the launch and aftermath of Alpha 3.18, which introduced the persistent entity streaming (PES) system. However, the launch faced unexpected issues and server chaos, resulting in difficulties for players to access the game, leading to frustrations and a need for better communication, testing, and coordination in future updates.

The Star Citizen Post Mortem discusses the launch and aftermath of Alpha 3.18. The patch introduced the persistent entity streaming (PES) system, which aimed to create a truly persistent universe. However, the launch of PES resulted in unexpected chaos and server issues. The team underestimated the scale of the launch and faced overwhelming traffic and teething pains, causing difficulties for players to log in and experience the game. It took weeks or even months to address and resolve these issues.

The high anticipation for Alpha 318 led to record-high logins and player engagement in the first few days. However, due to the struggles with PES, many players were unable to access the game, leading to frustrations. The post mortem acknowledges the delay in communication and the need to value and preserve the integrity of the service. Moving forward, the team plans to gradually roll out new technologies and implement testing channels to avoid similar disruptions in the future.

The post mortem also covers the challenges and improvements in various features and gameplay elements. It highlights the positive reception of new content, such as the vulture ship and the prison escape mission. However, there were also issues with the development and release of certain features, such as the new player experience and the Salvage gameplay. The team acknowledges the need for better coordination and involvement of downstream teams to address issues early on.

In terms of future plans, the team aims to improve testing capabilities and mitigate integration challenges. They express the intention to learn from the PES launch and enhance communication between teams to ensure smoother delivery of foundational technologies. Furthermore, they plan to iterate on gameplay features, improve balance, and continue listening to player feedback.

Overall, the post mortem highlights the difficulties faced during the launch of Alpha 318, particularly with the PES system. It acknowledges the need for better communication, early involvement of downstream teams, and more thorough testing. The team is committed to learning from these challenges and delivering a more stable and enjoyable experience for players in future updates.