The Star Citizen Crime Bible

"The Star Citizen Crime Bible

How to remove your Crime Stat & everything else there is to know about criminal life in the Verse."

In this video transcription, the speaker discusses the topic of crime stats in the game Star Citizen. They explain that there are almost 30 different crimes in the game, divided into misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors include offenses like assault, parking violations, and trespassing, while felonies include more serious crimes like aggravated assault, destruction of property, and homicide. The speaker mentions that if a player commits a crime near an active communications array, they will receive a crime stat.

The speaker also mentions that the Pyro system in the game is lawless and not governed by the United Earth Empire, so there are no active comm arrays to monitor criminal activity. They explain that players can disable comm arrays using a crypto key, which allows them to engage in criminal activities without being detected. However, other players can re-enable the comm array, so players should always be cautious.

The speaker discusses the process of dealing with different crime stat levels. Misdemeanor crime stats of level one or two can be paid off as fines at any fine and citations payment terminal. However, if a player has a level three crime stat for a misdemeanor, they may lose certain privileges like docking, repairing, and refueling until the fine is paid off. Felony crime stats of level three, four, or five cannot be paid off at terminals and may result in the assignment of a bounty hunter to the player.

The speaker presents different options for players with high crime stats. They can attempt to hack away their crimes at a security post called SPK, but this is a challenging and dangerous option. Alternatively, players can turn themselves in at a fine payment kiosk or surrender to the space cops when they are attacked. This will result in imprisonment, where players can work off their sentence through activities like mining or completing oxygen missions. Finally, players can also escape from prison by following certain steps or by completing a specific mission.

In conclusion, the speaker provides a comprehensive overview of crime stats in Star Citizen, explaining the different types of crimes, how to deal with different crime stat levels, and the various options available to players with high crime stats.