The Spiritual Successor to X-Com? - Xenonauts 2 (Early Access)

Xenonauts 2 is a turn-based tactical strategy game where the player leads a paramilitary organization tasked with defending Earth against an alien invasion. The game, which is technologically superior in almost every way, requires the player to rely on asymmetric warfare. The sequel to Xenonauts is set to open for Early Access on July 18th, and its publisher, Hooded Horse, recently sent an early copy to a YouTuber for testing purposes. The YouTuber, who hadn’t played Xenonauts 1, was able to showcase gameplay and highlight some features to look forward to, though stating it may change in the course of Early Access.

The game introduces various map modes, research options, and crafting abilities, as well as opportunities to customize soldiers and aircrafts. Players also need to explore strategy campaign maps to gain additional capabilities and resources. Later in the game, players can build multiple bases to strengthen their defenses. The field view of the game depends on the day or night cycle, which affects the player’s visibility and in turn, the strategy employed in the game.

When soldiers die in battle, that etches a level of permanency lending more gravity to the player’s decisions and reinforcing the game’s strategy aspect. Once the aliens stage their Invasion about two months into the game, players face the challenge of rallying their soldiers and resources to meet the new threat. Players who enjoy strategy games will find Xenoanuts 2 rewarding as they strive to defend Earth amidst rising panic.