The perfect storm? buyers guide | star citizen

In this video, the hosts review the Storm vehicle in Star Citizen, noting its unique design but also its drawbacks in terms of driving performance and vulnerability to attacks. They advise against purchasing vehicles with real money, suggesting players try them out in-game first.

In this video, the hosts discuss the newly released vehicle in Star Citizen called the Storm. The Storm is a ground vehicle with a unique and aesthetic design, reminiscent of sci-fi armor. However, the hosts note that while it looks cool, it doesn’t drive the best and has some kinks that need to be worked out. The military variant of the Storm, called the Storm AA, is considered more interesting as it has more options and can be used by a single player. It is also cheaper than the Ballista, a similar vehicle in the game.

The hosts highlight some concerns about the Storm, including its vulnerability due to all its components being stored on the outside, making it an easy target for enemy attacks. They also point out that the vehicle is slower than the Nova and does not drive well in reverse. They caution viewers about purchasing vehicles in the game, as they tend to depreciate in value over time, compared to earning them in-game, which is relatively easy.

The hosts demonstrate the firepower of the Storm AA by firing off its missile rack, showcasing its ability to fire up to eight size 1 missiles and a total of 64 missiles. They note that the Storm AA has potential as an artillery platform with a lower signature, making it harder to detect. However, they emphasize that the vehicle’s current design does not offer much value in terms of gameplay compared to the Nova, which is a better all-around tank.

In conclusion, the hosts advise against purchasing vehicles with real money in Star Citizen due to their lack of value compared to earning them in-game. They suggest trying out vehicles through in-game means or rentals to get a feel for them. They also invite viewers to join a tour and exploration of game content on their Twitch and YouTube channels. Lastly, they ask viewers for their thoughts on potential variants of the Storm vehicle.