The Perfect 1080p GPU For Star Citizen? | 6700 XT Review

"How does the RX 6700XT perform in Star Citizen? Is 12GB of VRAM enough to stop the frame drops that other AMD cards suffer from? I tested the GPU at 1080p and 1440p against a RX 7600, RX 6600, RTX 3080 and RTX 2060!

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In this video review, the focus is on the performance of the AMD 6700 XT GPU in Star Citizen at 1080p and 1440p resolutions. The reviewer has previously observed that most AMD cards, except for the top-tier 17900 XTX, have struggled with VRAM issues in Star Citizen, resulting in frame drops and slowdowns. However, the 6700 XT, with its 12 GB of VRAM, appears to address this problem and performs well without any noticeable frame drops in both resolutions.

At 1080p, the 6700 XT matches the performance of the older 480 and 380 cards, which are CPU bottlenecked. This indicates that the additional VRAM allows the card to handle the game without running out of memory. Similarly, at 1440p, the 6700 XT is fully maxed out but still maintains a decent average FPS of 47, which is playable. Therefore, it is concluded that the higher VRAM capacity of the 6700 XT resolves the VRAM-related performance issues in Star Citizen.

Further comparisons between the 6700 XT and the 7600 reveal interesting behavior. In some scenarios, such as the presence of clouds and quantum travel, the 7600 outperforms the 6700 XT. This suggests a potential architectural difference or improved performance in these specific situations for the 7000 series cards. However, in general, at 1440p, the 6700 XT tends to perform better.

Overall, the 6700 XT is considered a good GPU for 1080p gaming and adequate for 1440p, depending on the CPU configuration. The significant improvement lies in the fact that the 12 GB VRAM solves the VRAM issues experienced with other AMD cards in Star Citizen. However, it is noted that for a slightly higher price, the 7700 XT may be a better option due to potential generational improvements in Star Citizen performance. Alternatively, Nvidia cards do not suffer from VRAM issues in the game, making them a potentially better choice.