The Newest Evocati Patch Improved A LOT!

The speaker discussed their experiences with the most recent Evocati build, noting significant improvements in stability, the addition of animals and distribution centers, and enhanced features like the star map and experimental mode. Despite encountering bugs and missing features, they expressed optimism about the game’s direction and invited feedback from viewers for continued development and stability enhancements.

The speaker played the most recent Evocati build and shared their experiences with it, noting a significant improvement in stability compared to the previous build. Despite still being unstable, crash recovery was possible, making the game playable for longer periods. They encountered animals in the game, such as birds and dogs, with the dogs being more prevalent on Microtech. The animals were not very reactive due to the lack of AI in the game, but they provided an interesting gameplay element.

The speaker described their interactions with the animals, including taking horns off dogs and finding a mysterious crafting material related to bone structure. They also encountered birds that behaved similarly to those in Valheim, being non-aggressive until provoked. The speaker discussed the animations and details of the animals in the game, highlighting the potential for future crafting mechanics involving the materials obtained from them.

Distribution centers were a significant addition to the game, with the speaker exploring various locations that offered loot and engaging gameplay elements. However, they encountered bugs that hindered their exploration, such as randomly overdosing and getting stuck in areas. Despite these issues, the distribution centers showed promise for adding depth to the gameplay experience and providing new opportunities for players.

The star map was a highlight of the Evocati patch, with improved responsiveness and a powerful search feature that made navigation easier. The speaker praised the efficiency of the search function, allowing quick access to desired locations without the need to manually navigate the map. Additionally, they mentioned the experimental mode, which showed potential for exciting gameplay features, even though it was not fully functional in the current build.

Overall, the speaker acknowledged the progress made in the Evocati patch, noting improvements in stability, new gameplay elements with animals and distribution centers, and enhanced features like the star map and experimental mode. They expressed optimism about the direction the game is heading, despite ongoing issues and missing features. The speaker concluded by inviting feedback from viewers and sharing their hope for continued development and stability enhancements before the game’s official release.