The NEW Tumbril Storm AA VS the A1 Bomber - Star Citizen IAE 2953 New Tank testing gameplay

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the narrator tests the new Tumbril Storm AA tank, which showcases impressive anti-air capabilities with its 180 missiles. The narrator and their team engage in a battle against A1 bombers, demonstrating the tank’s effectiveness but also acknowledging the need for improvements.

In a video titled “The NEW Tumbril Storm AA VS the A1 Bomber - Star Citizen IAE 2953 New Tank testing gameplay,” the narrator presents a test of two new tanks in the game Star Citizen. The first tank, the Tumbril Storm, is a light tank with a size three repeater as its primary weapon. However, the more interesting tank is the anti-air (AA) version of the Storm, which is equipped with 180 missiles. This tank has the ability to rotate and shoot missiles directly upwards.

The narrator and their friend rent the AA tank and decide to test its capabilities. They find that the tank is vulnerable to splash damage, even from grenades. However, its anti-air defense functions impress them, as it can launch salvos of eight size one missiles at a time. They test the tank against an A1 bomber and find that some of their missiles are getting through the bomber’s countermeasures. They also discover that the tank’s missiles are more effective than anticipated.

Following the individual test, the narrator and their friend gather with other players to form two teams: four Tumbril Storm tanks against two A1 bombers. The goal is for the tanks to protect a C2 ship on the ground while the bombers try to destroy them with size five bombs. In the first round, the tanks score early hits, and the bombers struggle under the pressure of multiple missiles. Although none of the tanks are hit by the bombs, one bomber is disabled, and the other crashes.

For the second round, the bombers know what to expect and try a different approach. However, the tanks continue to put pressure on them with missiles. One bomber manages to disable one tank, but the other tank destroys it. Eventually, only one tank remains, and the bombers start dropping bombs with more accuracy. Despite the tanks’ efforts, the last tank is also taken down. The players discuss the effectiveness of the Storm tanks, acknowledging some vulnerabilities and the need for improvements, but overall, they see potential for the tanks as anti-aircraft vehicles.

The narrator expresses gratitude towards viewers and patrons for their support, emphasizing that patrons play a crucial role in keeping the channel running. They also mention one specific patron, Pry of Guilain, and thank them for their recent support. The video concludes with a promise of more content from the Star Citizen in-game event, IAE, in the future.