The New Star Citizen Tow Ship is USELESS - What Happened?

The release of the Argo SRV tow ship in Star Citizen has caused controversy as it currently lacks functionality and is restricted in its towing capabilities. Players are frustrated as they are only able to tow members of their party, unable to tow illegal wrecks or help random players, resulting in the ship being seen as useless.

The release of the Argo SRV in Star Citizen 3.21.1 has caused some controversy. This tow ship was supposed to bring new gameplay to the Star Citizen universe but currently, it appears to be useless. Ship owners can only tow members of their party, unable to tow away illegal wrecks, abandoned ships, or help random players in distress. The ship has no purpose because players are given a crime set for using it as intended. Originally, it was meant to tow ships with their shields down, which seemed fair. It is hoped that the developers address this issue before the PTU ends, or many players will be disappointed.