The never ending loop of Star Citizen

The introduction of the Polaris project has been a much awaited event. However, it appears that the project cannot be completed yet due to a lack of systems in place for it to work. This raises the question of why there aren’t enough systems available for the Polaris.

The answer lies in the fact that the people responsible for building the required systems are already tasked with other projects. This leaves these team members with limited resources and capacities, preventing them from simultaneously carrying out the development of the Polaris. Thus, they must choose to allocate their resources to one project or another, leaving the Star Citizen project slightly behind in terms of progress.

The final outcome of the situation is unfortunately left as a mystery. After 12 years of anticipation and development, the team responsible for the Star Citizen project cannot provide any concrete updates due to them being unable to focus on it as much as is needed. This has resulted in ambiguous responses which many members of the public find dissatisfactory and frustrating. In the end, the team behind the Star Citizen project does not provide more insights than that the project is still ongoing and nothing more can be said.