The MISC Hull C - Alien Week, CitizenCon Details & 3.19.1 | Star Citizen This Week

The official Star Citizen content schedule for this week has been released. Tuesday’s post will be about the legal restrictions behind the Cyclone, which is taken from Jump Point 6.08. Wednesday will see the latest Roadmap Update, with fingers crossed for the Progress Tracker to get some fixes. Thursday will kick off ‘Alien Week’, full of contests, details and offerings - as it is First Contact Day with the Banu. This episode of ‘Inside Star Citizen’ will be focused on Alien Week and will include an update on the upcoming ‘MISC Whelk’. The Tumbril Storm will hold a Q&A on Thursday, followed by Star Citizen Live on Friday with the narrative team discussing the aliens. Finally, news on this year’s Citizen Con will be released this week, including tickets. Alpha 319.1 was not mentioned, but hopefully a PTU update will be implemented this evening. Throughout the week, Mac will post episode 3 of his Zero to Hero series, work on the Persistent Universe Monthly Report and create a video on Ship Modularity. He will also stream Thursday and Friday at 205PM BST. Finally, Mac thanked his patrons and channel members for all their support.