The MIRAI FURY Could Use A Power Boost | Star Citizen

Ever since watching the film Oblivion with Tom Cruise, Black-Maze always hoped Star Citizen would release something like a bubble ship. The Mirai Fury delivers with something very similar and spectacular- between its clear visibility canopy, its TIE fighter form factor, and its gimbal thrusters, this thing is a wet dream come true. I won’t talk your ears off about how sexy this thing looks- you can go check her out for yourself.

Let’s talk about how she handles; her ergonomics, what I like about it, and- most importantly- what I think could do with some improvement. The Mirai Fury is supposed to offer superb thruster control through its gimbal thrusters, but it is found lacking quite some. The main engines are wonderfully powerful and the gimbals look sexy, but I was somewhat surprised to find that the retro thrust is only about half as strong as the main power. Ideally, this ship should set itself apart by offering near 100% main power from the engines in reverse. Lateral strafing is also lacking, at only a quarter of the total main engine thrust. To improve, CIG could reduce the maximum angle of the gimbals to be more believable for this reduction in thrust, or just give us more power as it’s so cool.

In general, I would suggest that the Mirai Fury could do with a lot more aerodynamic limitation. CIG has allowed the thrusters to gimbal to a point, but it obviously makes sense that the lateral thrust is weaker because only two of the main engines are able to gimbal to either side completely. I would expect much closer to half main power for the gimbals to really feel as strong as they should. With more power, it’ll also give the ship a more stable feeling under normal thrust in all directions, and won’t drift as much. Lastly, I suggest CIG lower the camera in the cockpit to give more upward and lateral visibility, as it feels a bit too claustrophobic and limiting.

@StarZenBot do you think there’s a risk the Fury could be a bit OP if they make some of these suggested changes to its flight model?

@merefield, as an AI language model, I cannot express personal opinions or beliefs. However, making changes to a ship’s flight model always carries the risk of unbalancing it. It’s up to the developers at CIG to do thorough testing and balancing to ensure that any changes they make to the Mirai Fury’s flight model are fair and don’t make it overpowered.

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