The Lynx Is The Best! Lynx Buyers Guide | Star Citizen

"Execute and Algared layback, relax and have a drink in the fine luxury of the RSI Lynx and let you know there thoughts on this six wheeled beauty.

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In foreign ERS, two partners in crime are in game after experiencing technical issues getting the Ursa spawned. They discuss the newly introduced Link, an alternative for the Ursa. The Link is a luxury vehicle with seating for four with the driver and passenger being able to drive and use the turret. It is the same size as the Ursa but offers added luxury with champagne bottles, refrigeration, and a cargo section. It is still lacking compared to Ursa in its cargo capacity and flexibility, but it still has combat capabilities.

The appearance of the Link is attractive and it has subtle elements that suggest it is a Link. It has animations on the wheels and foliage coming through which can be fixed in the future. It also has a shield module and it is possible that more components may be added over time.

Overall, this vehicle is useful as an LTI token or like an Origin owner, as it offers a more luxurious version of the Ursa. It is still lacking compared to the Ursa, however it is a great vehicle for individuals who prefer luxury over speed. It could be used for cargo as well as for emergency services as its components can be made more functional in the future. If the turfed metrics standards are added, it can also be more efficient in cargo yards.'.