The Lore and History of StarField

The video provides a detailed overview of the lore and history of Starfield, a game developed by Bethesda. It delves into the colonization of Mars and Alpha Centauri, the conflicts between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, and the formation of various factions and organizations within the game’s universe.

The video begins by introducing the upcoming game Starfield by Bethesda, emphasizing the importance of understanding the game’s background story to fully immerse oneself in its universe. The story starts in the year 2050, where humans reach Mars, leading to the establishment of permanent bases and colonies by 2100. By 2156, human ships arrive at Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to our solar system, and the United Colonies organization is formed to unite off-world human colonies politically.

In 2160, the discovery of New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system prompts the United Colonies to make it their capital due to its habitability without the need for a spacesuit. In 2189, more colonies emerge, some choosing not to join the United Colonies. This leads to the formation of the Freelancer Collective between the colonies on the planets Volley and Cheyenne. In 2194, tensions rise as the United Colonies build a space station in the Nion system, causing conflict with the already existing colonies there.

By 2195, the Freelancer Collective mobilizes to protect the Nion system, and war ensues between them and the United Colonies. This Nion War continues for 20 years until the signing of the Treaty of Narian in 2216, officially bringing peace to the galaxy. However, the Freelancer Collective still feels the need for protection, leading to the formation of the Freelancer Rangers, an elite military unit.

In 2275, a group called Constellation is formed with the aim of preserving knowledge for future generations. In 2307, tensions arise again as the Freelancer Collective expands into the Vesta system, breaching the Nion contract. The United Colonies lay siege to Vesta, sparking the second war known as the Colony Wars. In 2311, the Colony Wars continue, but the Freelancer Collective gains the upper hand by using a fleet composed of both military and civilian ships.

In response, the United Colonies forms the United Colonies of Vanguard, a civilian fleet hired to protect their interests. Finally, in 2328, one of the Constellation members discovers a special artifact, leading to the modification of space station L868 into a deep space scanning array to further study these artifacts.

The video concludes with the content creator expressing their gratitude for the viewers’ support, highlighting that they aim to deliver guides, tutorials, gameplay videos, and other content related to Starfield and other space games in the future.