The Hull C Is Ready For Bulk Cargo Hauling, Is The Star Citizen Economy?

“Today we get an update on the upcoming Sa’Tok.Yai alien space ship and the MISC Hull C cargo hauler. Let’s see what the delays mean, and what the new ships could bring to the game.”

In this video, the creator discusses the progress of two ships: the San’tok yāi and the Hull C. Regarding the San’tok yāi, they mentioned that it is currently in the gray box modeling stage, with most of the exterior and animations completed. However, they failed their review due to the unresolved issue of designing the cockpit dashboard. They are hopeful to establish a direction and complete the ship in the near future.

Moving on to the Hull C, they revealed that it has been in development for several years and is considered the 18-wheeler of the Star Citizen universe, designed for transporting bulk cargo. The ship has gone through technical challenges but is now closer to its release in Alpha 3.20. They showcased its unique cargo loading and unloading system, which requires the ship to extend its cargo arms before the cargo can be loaded. The ship itself looks visually impressive, with an industrial aesthetic and a focus on engineering in the rear section.

While the ship updates provided some insight into the progress of the San’tok yāi and the Hull C, many details regarding their functionality and purpose were still left unanswered. There was anticipation for more information on how the ships will fit into the game’s economy and their specific roles. Overall, the updates showcased the visual progress of the ships but left some important questions unanswered.