The Hull C - Big Ship, Big Potential, Big Problems

“The MISC Hull C is making it’s entry in to game with 3.20 and I took the loaner I had for a spin to see if it was worth the hype. All I can say is I can see a great future for this one, but for me there’s a bit of refinement needed! Still t”

The author discusses the upcoming release of the Hull C, a large cargo ship in Star Citizen. With its massive cargo capacity of 4608 SCU, it surpasses other ships like the Crusader Hercules C2. The author believes that while the ship has potential, it will likely need some refinement through patches to deliver on its promises. However, the author acknowledges that the Hull C looks and feels like the ultimate space hauler, with a nice blend of industrial vibes and practicality.

The introduction of the Hull C also unlocks the potential for new trade routes and commodities. Low orbital space stations now offer viable trade options for the ship. The author mentions that they will review these commodities more closely when they have a better grasp of the gameplay loop. They appreciate the inclusion of loading and unloading mechanics, even if they are basic, as it adds realism to the ship’s operations.

The author raises several concerns about operating the Hull C. They note that the ship is vulnerable when loading, as it is stationary and exposed, making it an easy target for attackers. The author suggests that a shielded tunnel or dock would be more logical for loading cargo. Additionally, any other ship entering the loading box can interrupt the transfer, potentially leading to piracy situations. The author also suggests involving smaller haulers in the Hull C’s trade loop, allowing them to pick up cargo from the ship and complete the trip for a profit.

The author mentions the tedium caused by physically visiting the Galleria deck to buy and sell cargo. They believe that in the future, communication between the ship and the space station should be possible for easier transactions. Lastly, the author emphasizes the importance of providing feedback on what aspects of the ship’s gameplay are enjoyable and engaging and suggests waiting for a few patches before purchasing the ship.

In conclusion, the Hull C presents great potential as a cargo ship, but it will require refinement to deliver on its promises. The ship’s design is praised for its industrial look and practicality. The author highlights concerns such as vulnerability while loading, potential interruptions by other ships, missed opportunities for involving smaller haulers, and the tedium of physically visiting the Galleria deck. Feedback is important for game balance, and the author plans to wait for a few patches before considering purchasing the ship.