The Complete Starfield Star Citizen Comparison

“I compare Starfield to Squadron42/Star Citizen and DONT declare a winner.”

In this video, Danny Raymond discusses the comparisons between Starfield and Star Citizen based on the recent promotional video for Starfield. He emphasizes the need to be cautious when analyzing the footage, as it may not accurately represent the final product. He also mentions the importance of focusing on what has been shown rather than speculating or theorizing.

Raymond compares the two games in the categories of places, people, and things. In terms of places, he believes that Starfield has an advantage in terms of planet visuals, but Star Citizen surpasses it in terms of planetary technology and experience, particularly with low-flying and city exploration. In terms of people, Starfield offers more advantages, such as character creation and traits, while Star Citizen excels in realistic injury and recovery systems. In terms of things, Starfield has an advantage in ship customization and weapon customization, but Star Citizen surpasses it in ship design and interactability.

Overall, Raymond highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each game, while emphasizing that there can be multiple winners in the gaming industry. He mentions that Star Citizen may reveal more during their upcoming CitizenCon event, and he encourages viewers to pursue a career in game programming through the sponsor of the video, Southern New Hampshire University.