The CCU upgrade game

Want to know how to navigate the store, the sales, the discounted items, and move your way up to the ship of your dreams? Install the “CCU Game” plug in for chrome and begin to plan and monitor how best to use those cheap ships with LTI tokens!

Good reviews, but Chrome extensions do worry me in general.

Is there any reason he couldn’t have hosted this on his own website? Does it leverage the RSI website when you are logged in?

Any equivalent tool available online without having to install an extension?

I also have an extension which adds this into the My Hangar dashboard of SC

Just be a aware of how intimately a Chrome Extension can interact with your data, e.g.:

When a Chrome extension says ‘It can read and change your data on the websites you visit’, can they read the passwords you enter? - Quora

Yeah good point. I might uninstall it then as the store is dead for now, probably until May. You can also easily do this in your own personal spreadsheet as its just adding up prices and discounts for things.

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It’s a great idea for a tool, don’t get me wrong, and the guys may have fully positive intentions.

However, I’d be more comfortable with an online tool living on its own website rather than being parasitic on another they don’t own.

Somebody must’ve heard me: CCU Game: Star Citizen asset planning and fleet management - StarZen: The Unofficial Star Citizen Community