The Carrack needs its Modularity in Star Citizen

The video discusses a major issue with the Carrack ship in Star Citizen regarding its lack of modularity, specifically related to its cargo modules. The Carrack is a difficult cargo hauler because it only has a small door leading into the cargo modules, making it challenging to load large cargo crates into the ship. The video suggests that having a ship with larger openings, such as the C2, M2, or even the 600i, would be more suitable for cargo hauling. The lack of modularity and accessibility in the Carrack’s cargo modules may lead some players to question their ownership of the ship. The video proposes that implementing modularity, like being able to drop the modules down or adding a front door, could solve this issue and make cargo loading easier.

The video raises concerns about the Carrack’s limited cargo accessibility and suggests that modularity should be prioritized for the ship. The small door leading to the cargo modules makes it difficult to load large crates into the ship, potentially causing problems for those wanting to use the Carrack for cargo hauling. The video contrasts the Carrack with other ships that have larger openings, like the Mercury Star Runner and the 600i, which are more suitable for cargo loading. The lack of modularity in the Carrack’s cargo modules may make some players reconsider their choice of ship.

The video concludes by emphasizing the need for modularity and suggesting that working on it could be a potential game feature for future updates. It suggests that enabling modularity in the Carrack would allow players to swap out modules and use the ship more effectively for their desired purposes. The video acknowledges that the issue might not affect everyone, but it could be a significant consideration for players who own the Carrack and want to use it for cargo hauling. Overall, the video encourages discussion and feedback on the topic to evaluate the potential impact of this issue.