The best way to make money in Star Citizen 3.19!

Some tips about making money in Star Citizen 3.19! Grumpy talks about a method for earning money in the game. First of all, this is not an exploit. It was intentionally designed by the developers and is likely to be patched. Secondly, the whole thing you do here is a gamble - although the game looks amazing and works well, there is an element of luck involved.

For this method, you will need a ship suited for cargo haulage - such as the Hull-A. You will select one of the cutlass or freelancer missions, as the admission fee is only 20,000 Alpha UEC. The best containers you’ll want to be looking for are the green crates. These can contain organic materials such as Weevil eggs and different kinds of hides, which can sell for hundreds of thousands of Alpha UEC per box.

Once you have collected the cargo, you will need to sell it at one of the three outposts: Brio’s Breaker Yard on Damar, Reclamation and Disposal Orient on Hurston, or Samson and Sons Salvage Centre on Walla. Unfortunately, these outposts have no armistice zone, so you should be alert for potential hostility as you travel to and from them. If you are a streamer, be aware that you may be stream-sniped! There is also the option to accept 150,000 Alpha UEC missions, however the risk is higher and the admission fee is more expensive.

Overall, making money this way in Star Citizen is a gamble - but there is the potential to make a lot of money via the method outlined today. Best of luck and remember to bring a towel as you travel through space!