The BEST Space MMO Ever - Dev Update - Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

“In it’s time, Star Wars Galaxies might well have been the best space MMO ever. Today, Star Wars Galaxies Restoration is now two years old. This non-profit, community driven space game has come a long way over the past two years. This inc”

Star Wars Galaxies was an iconic MMO game that left its mark in the gaming industry. Two years ago it was effectively re-released running on a player run server under a project called Star Wars Galaxies’ Restoration. Over two years the project has achieved great success, including the celebration of creating 45000 accounts since 2021. In the game players can go on a variety of missions and even construct a galactic trade empire with 188 guilds and 65 player cities.

The developers have also been hard at work fine-tuning and rebalancing the game’s mechanics, combat, economy, content and PVP. This includes the addition of space bounties and the re-enactment of the original Star Wars Galaxies. The Jedi profession is particularly exciting, with a quest system that leads players through a chain of mysteries to unlock their Force sensitivity and refine it.

To join the game, players just need to create an account and download the software. With old fans and new players joining together, Star Wars Galaxies appears to be here to stay.