The Amazing Game Bringing Back the RTS/FPS Genre

"Check out SIlica with me, an amazing RTS/FPS hybrid game that’s looking to bring back the genre in a big way.
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You can find the game here:"

“Silica” is a unique online real-time strategy (RTS) game that brings back the RTS/FPS genre. Developed by a single person, Martin Drammelcharic, and supported by Bohemia Interactive’s incubator program, the game offers the opportunity to play as an alien race and kill humans. The game is constantly updated and currently in Early Access.

The game is set in the future where humans are trying to settle an exoplanet but encounter an opposing alien crab-like race. The lore is light, serving as an excuse for the thrilling gameplay. Players can choose to play as humans or aliens, with each side having its own set of units and objectives. As humans, players command units like tanks and soldiers to defend and attack, while aliens focus on swarm tactics and have unique abilities.

However, there are some issues with the game. Playing as a human can be slow and frustrating, especially in the beginning when resources are scarce. There is also a challenge in coordinating the actions of individual players controlling units, which can lead to trickling and ineffective attacks. The AI for human units also needs improvement. Despite these challenges, the game has great potential and is constantly being updated, with plans to introduce air units in the future.