T818 Thrustmaster Direct Drive - Stronger than Expected

In this YouTube video review, the YouTuber discusses their positive experience with the Thrustmaster T818 direct drive wheelbase, noting its competitive pricing, strong performance, and customizable force feedback tuning. They highlight the striking design, useful features, and powerful performance of the T818, encouraging viewers to consider it as a strong option in the market.

In this YouTube video, the YouTuber discusses their experience with the Thrustmaster T818 direct drive wheelbase. They had the opportunity to talk with the team working on this wheelbase before its announcement. They found that the T818 performs well, is priced appropriately for its performance and features, and has a tune that determines the feel of the force feedback system. The YouTuber mentions that the tuning is often why people prefer one brand over another.

The T818 is Thrustmaster’s first direct drive wheelbase, which is a stronger and more advanced technology than belt drive systems. There are many options available in the market for direct drive wheels, and the T818 is priced competitively. The YouTuber tested the T818 with the SF1000 wheel and TLCM pedals, and found that the optional cockpit mounting plate and desk mount were useful additions.

The physical design of the T818 is described as striking, with a medium-sized hexagon frame, a new quick release system, and a control panel on the right side for additional functions. The base also has different ports for power, connectivity, and pedals. The YouTuber notes that it is interesting that the T818 is listed as being made in France. There is also an emergency kill switch and a mode button on the side panel for different pedal configurations.

The T818’s software is described as a simple skin over the default Windows USB control GUI, offering features like force strength, steering angle calibration, and axis binding. To unlock the full force, the user needs to click a lock icon and acknowledge a warning. The steering angle can be adjusted using the mode switch and direction buttons on the wheel. The software is considered basic but effective.

The YouTuber then talks about the unboxing experience, the SF1000 F1 wheel, and the performance of the T818 bundle. They found the unboxing to be special and praised the solid and flex-free experience of the quick release system. They also describe the SF1000 wheel as solid and of high quality, except for a separate round wheel that they found to be cheap feeling for its price. In terms of performance, the T818’s base tune was great, providing a smooth and immersive driving experience. The YouTuber suggests that the T818 feels more powerful than its advertised 10 Newton rating, comparing it to a 14 or 15 Newton base. They conclude by encouraging viewers to look beyond the advertised rating and consider the T818 as a strong option.