Survive the Zombie Stormtrooper Apocalypse: Star Wars DeathTroopers FAN Game

“Take a look at this game footage of a fan-made Star Wars game loosely based on Star Wars Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber that was released on October 13, 2009. It takes place about a year before A New Hope. The paperback was released on Oct”

Star Wars DeathTroopers is a fan game based on the book of the same name by Joel Schreiber. It takes place before A New Hope and features zombie Stormtroopers. The game is available for free download or with the option to donate to the developer. The gameplay begins with a lone Stormtrooper docking at a star destroyer and encountering a horror-filled environment. The player must survive against hordes of zombie Stormtroopers until a timer runs out.

The game features a first-person perspective and includes voice acting, a torch, and the E11 Blaster. The player must hold off the zombie Stormtroopers and aim carefully to defeat them. The game lacks ammo limitations, but the blaster can overheat. The gameplay is set in the corridors of the star destroyer, with handprints on the walls and scenes of carnage. The player can find fallen Stormtroopers and pick up their ammo.

The game is loosely based on the book, which tells the story of a prison barge infected with a lethal disease after encountering an abandoned Star Destroyer. The book includes characters like Han Solo and Chewbacca. The fan game captures the essence of the book’s zombie horror theme, but with a focus on shooting and survival. The game ends with an FMV sequence featuring a blurry Darth Vader and the protagonist being hung up by his waist.

Overall, the fan game provides an entertaining experience for Star Wars fans who enjoy the concept of zombie Stormtroopers. While the game has some flaws, such as a lack of variety in enemy spawning and a few technical issues, it is still a commendable effort by the developer. The game offers a brief but enjoyable diversion for those looking for a Star Wars-themed survival shooter.