Striking it RICH doing Trading in Star Citizen 3.19 How to Make Money Fast with Trade Routes

The presenter shares their experience of trading in Star Citizen 3.19. They start by looking for the most expensive commodities and head to a mining facility on Microtech to buy gold. They manage to buy some for 6.91K per unit and sell it at a profit in New Babbage for 8.043K per unit, making 917K in total. They then survey the commodities and prices at New Babbage, noting that prices have changed for items such as titanium and Laranite, and decide to buy some diamonds.

Next, they head back to Microtech to buy some more gold, but it’s out of stock. They decide to buy Barrels instead, which they sell at a profit of 2.756K per unit. They also find a group of mineable rocks and mine them for 30,000 auec. The writer then goes to Kirsten to see if they can sell the Barrels at a higher price, but they end up getting fined for illegal parking and missing Microtech.

Overall, the writer is impressed with the new patch in Star Citizen and enjoys trading in the game, although they note that prices and locations for commodities can change.