State Of The Squadron 53

In this episode of State of the Squadron 53, Montoya, the leader of Test Squadron, discusses the current state of the Star Citizen community, mentions the upcoming CitizenCon event, and shares updates about the game’s development and funding. He expresses gratitude to supporters and encourages contributions to Test Squadron’s booth at CitizenCon.

In this episode of State of the Squadron 53, Montoya, the host of the show and leader of the largest organization in Star Citizen called Test Squadron, welcomes new members and thanks his Patreon backers for their ongoing support. He also mentions the recent donations from the forums and gives shoutouts to the top supporters. Montoya acknowledges that there is currently a sense of low morale in the Star Citizen community due to the lack of new information, which will be revealed at CitizenCon. He encourages those attending CitizenCon to check out their merchandise, join the Discord channel for coordination, and mentions that there will be no special event exclusively for Test Squadron this year.

Montoya shares quotes from Chris Roberts, the creator of Star Citizen, regarding the upcoming 4.0 update. He mentions that server meshing and travel to other systems will be included in this update, but he advises caution in having high expectations due to past disappointments. Montoya also discusses funding for Star Citizen and mentions that this year might fall short compared to previous years, but speculates that there may be an increase in funding if there is a big ship sale at CitizenCon. He expresses his excitement for the upcoming event and announces that Test Squadron will have a booth with goodies, challenge coin giveaways, and cosplay. He encourages members to contribute and support the booth activities through Patreon or the forums, and expresses gratitude to all those who have helped Test Squadron throughout the year.

In conclusion, Montoya wraps up the episode by thanking everyone for their support, highlighting the importance of subscribing to his channel, and he looks forward to the next episode or CitizenCon.