Starship Simulator - Shuttles, Alien Structures and Planetary Landings

“Starship Simulator” is a promising exploration game currently achieving its Kickstarter stretch goals, with features such as VR support, alien structures, shuttles, and potential planetary landings. The game aims to offer players an immersive experience with diverse environments, strategic gameplay within alien structures, and potentially full-scale planetary exploration.

“Starship Simulator” is a promising game currently achieving its Kickstarter stretch goals, with potential to become a top exploration game. The game has surpassed its funding goal and gained substantial support from backers. Notable features include VR support, alien structures, shuttles, and potentially planetary landings. VR support was reached at the £40,000 stretch goal, allowing players to experience a Star Trek-inspired starship in virtual reality. The developers plan to include VR support in the next public demo, enhancing the immersive experience for players.

The £220,000 stretch goal for alien structures and shuttles will introduce significant additional content to the game. Alien structures will be scattered throughout the galaxy, offering diverse environments to explore. Players can interact with these structures by docking their shuttle or using EVA to access them. The interiors of these structures will be procedurally generated, creating a variety of scenarios for players to navigate. The goal is to provide players with engaging RPG-style dungeon-crawling experiences within these alien structures.

Shuttles in “Starship Simulator” will serve as independent vessels for transporting crew and cargo between the main starship and nearby locations. Each shuttle will have unique capabilities, such as transport or utility functions. While shuttles lack FTL drives for interstellar travel, they play a crucial role in facilitating exploration and interaction with alien structures. The upcoming stretch goal at £300,000 hints at the inclusion of planetary landings, adding another layer of depth to the game’s exploration mechanics.

The planetary landing feature, if achieved, could offer players the opportunity to explore full-scale planets or detailed planetary maps. The game boasts a realistic galaxy with various planet types, including rocky worlds, moons, and atmospheric planets. The developers aim to deliver high-quality planetary surfaces for players to discover, potentially expanding the scope of exploration within the game. The success of hitting the £300,000 stretch goal will determine the specifics of how planetary landings will be implemented in “Starship Simulator.”

In conclusion, “Starship Simulator” is making substantial progress towards its stretch goals, promising an immersive and expansive exploration experience for players. The inclusion of VR support, alien structures, shuttles, and the potential for planetary landings showcases the game’s ambition and depth. As development continues, players can anticipate engaging with diverse environments, engaging in strategic gameplay within alien structures, and potentially embarking on planetary exploration adventures. The game’s evolving features and growing community support suggest a bright future for “Starship Simulator” as a standout exploration game in the gaming industry.