Starfield YouTubers Be Like

In this satirical video about YouTubers talking about the upcoming game Starfield, the host humorously compares the vastness of the universe to the excitement of going on a new date. They playfully express how the universe is dark, massive, and has intriguing elements like black holes that they are eager to explore, just like going on an adventurous date.

The host continues by imagining what would happen if you could put the universe into a tube. They jest that the tube would have to be very long, probably twice the size of the universe itself, because when you collapse the universe, it expands. They make a funny analogy with a hot dog bun, suggesting that trying to fit all the stars into a single tube or bag would be chaotic and impossible.

Adding a touch of humor, the host reminisces about their childhood, when they were taught that there were only nine planets in our solar system. They amusingly remark that now there are 90 planets, highlighting the advancements in our understanding of the cosmos over the years.

Through these humorous comparisons and playful exaggerations, the video emphasizes the vastness, complexity, and ever-evolving nature of the universe. The host’s lighthearted approach aims to entertain viewers while hinting at the excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming game Starfield.