Starfield - Why do people HATE IT? #starfield

This video addresses the criticisms surrounding the game Starfield, dividing them into correct, subjective, and plainly wrong categories. The speaker defends the game’s visuals, planet exploration, diverse activities, and challenging NPCs, while acknowledging areas for improvement such as the absence of a dynamic economy and ground vehicles.

In this video, the speaker addresses the negativity surrounding the game Starfield and breaks down the criticisms into three categories: those that are correct, those that are plainly wrong, and those that are subjective. It is acknowledged that Starfield does not look as good as other space-themed games, lacking the same level of visual polish. The speaker also refutes claims that the game’s progression is locked behind specific skills, arguing that while certain skills may make quests easier, they are not necessary to complete them. The speaker defends the game’s planets, citing the various activities and encounters available, including outpost exploration, wildlife scanning, and resource management. They disagree with claims that the planets are boring, urging skeptics to compare them to other similar games.

The discussion then shifts to the inclusion of pronouns at the beginning of the game, which some find foreign and unnecessary. The speaker acknowledges that this cultural difference may be off-putting to some but assures that it does not impact the gameplay beyond the initial selection. Loading screens are also addressed, with the speaker stating that the impact of loading screens depends on the player’s computer specifications. They note that faster computers experience shorter loading times, making them less of a hindrance.

The absence of a dynamic economy in Starfield is critiqued as a missed opportunity, as prices remain fixed and NPCs do not seem to affect the game world. Some players express disappointment in the lack of non-violent gameplay options, as there is no way to progress without engaging in combat. The speaker, however, praises Starfield’s NPCs for being actively challenging and requiring strategy to overcome. The option for fast travel is defended as a choice, with the game not forcing players to utilize it. Finally, the absence of ground vehicles for traversing planets is acknowledged as a chore, and the speaker expresses hope for future DLC that may introduce them.

Overall, the speaker believes that while Starfield is not a perfect game, it has more positives than negatives. They invite viewers to share their own opinions and indicate that a review of the game is forthcoming.