Starfield - What I think went wrong

Starfield is being hailed as one of the best space games in history and has captivated players with its immersive gameplay. The sheer volume of choices and attention-grabbing quests make it a game that can easily consume hundreds, if not thousands of hours. Even non-space game enthusiasts can get sucked into its story and gameplay. The first-person shooter aspect of Starfield is highly engaging and the variety of weapons adds to the excitement. Customization is a highlight, allowing players to build and personalize their own ships and bases. The looting and scavenging mechanics are satisfying, although the abundance of loot can lead to becoming overweight. The skill system adds value to different playstyles, with persuasion, lock picking, and piloting being particularly important. The space combat is enjoyable and leveling up skills drastically improves performance. The sound design and music in Starfield create an immersive and emotional experience. The handcrafted settlements and cities, as well as the well-designed fauna, contribute to the overall liveliness of the game. However, there are some negatives, such as the lack of an in-game map and frequent load screens. The credit cap on vendors and the inability to manually land or take off the ship are also mentioned as drawbacks. Nonetheless, overall impressions of

In this video transcript, the creator discusses why they believe Starfield is one of the best space games they have ever played. They describe how the game immerses the player and provides a multitude of gameplay choices, making it potentially addictive. The quests in Starfield are praised for their depth and attention-grabbing nature, engaging both players who enjoy space games and those who do not.

The creator also highlights their love for first-person shooter games, and they find the FPS mechanics in Starfield to be challenging and enjoyable. The variety of weapons and intelligent enemy AI add to the excitement of combat. The ability to build and customize your own ship, both its interior and exterior, is lauded as a standout feature in Starfield, creating a sense of excitement for players.

Base building in Starfield is described as glorious, offering depth and the ability to create a personalized and lived-in base. The looting and scavenging aspect of the game is highly praised, with a vast amount of loot to discover but also the challenge of managing weight limits. Skill progression is mentioned, with many skills having value and the level cap being high, encouraging players to invest time and effort into their character’s development.

The creator expresses their admiration for the sounds and music in Starfield, which elevate the game’s atmosphere and add to the immersive experience. They also appreciate the handcrafted settlements and cities, as well as the mix of randomly generated landscapes and carefully designed assets in the game’s exploration and discovery system.

On the negative side, the creator highlights a lack of an in-game map and the reliance on memorization early in the game. They also mention frequent and sometimes unhidden load screens, which can make the playable map appear smaller than it actually is. The credit cap on vendors and the need to constantly refresh their inventories are mentioned as frustrating aspects. Finally, the inability to manually land or take off one’s ship is seen as a missed opportunity for immersive gameplay.

Overall, the creator commends Starfield for its captivating gameplay, abundant content, and lack of major flaws. They acknowledge that they have invested a significant amount of time into the game and anticipate having many more hours of enjoyable gameplay before it potentially becomes repetitive.

the-eradicator reacts:

In this video, the author reacts to a negative review of Starfield by Worth A Buy, asserting that the review was based on incorrect information and misguided expectations. While the author acknowledges some flaws in the game, he defends Starfield’s focus on storytelling and RPG elements, emphasizing the importance of considering genre and purpose when evaluating a game.

In this video, the author reacts to a review of Starfield by Worth A Buy, which he believes was unfair and based on incorrect information. While he agrees with some of Worth A Buy’s opinions, he takes issue with the factually incorrect statements that were made. The author acknowledges that Starfield was marketed as a Skyrim in space, but since he is new to Bethesda games, he cannot fully comment on whether it lives up to those expectations. He states that he is enjoying the game despite its flaws and believes that Worth A Buy’s negative opinion may be due to different expectations.

Worth A Buy argues that Starfield lacks immersion due to the limitations of the engine it was built on. He suggests that players should be able to seamlessly pilot their spaceships and explore planets without loading screens. The author understands this point but disagrees, mentioning that Starfield’s focus is more on storytelling and RPG elements rather than simulating space travel. He believes that different games have different strengths and it’s important to consider the genre and purpose when comparing them.

The author acknowledges Worth A Buy’s criticism of the game’s companions, citing instances where they talk over each other, but views this as a minor issue. He feels that the narrative aspect of Starfield is its core feature and that players should embrace it if they enjoy storytelling in games. Worth A Buy also argues that there are too many planets and companions in Starfield, resulting in a messy and bland experience. The author suggests that a streamlined game with fewer planets crafted with care would have been preferable.

Overall, the author feels that Worth A Buy’s negative review of Starfield is a result of incorrect expectations and a lack of information. He believes that players should take the time to explore and discover the game’s content rather than expecting everything to be handed to them. The author expresses disappointment in people who rely solely on marketing to form their opinions and emphasizes the importance of being well-informed. Despite their differing opinions, the author states that he is enjoying Starfield and finds the negative review to be a sad outcome of misguided expectations.