Starfield - The PRICE of EXCLUSIVITY

“A document reveals that Xbox CFO Tim Stuart claims that Starfield and other exclusivity may be costing Microsoft 10 million copies in lost sales. This information is from a document revealed in the FTC / Microsoft case according to https:/”

In this video, the YouTuber discusses various aspects of the upcoming game Starfield. They start by analyzing the prices of spaceships within the game, based on information from the Bethesda showcase. They note that while some players believe the game’s economy seems damaged, the YouTuber argues that the relatively low price of spaceships may be intentional since Starfield is a single-player game and doesn’t require a well-balanced economy like a multiplayer game would. They also mention that different items within the game, such as steaks and sandwiches, have strangely similar prices to the spaceships.

Moving on to a more serious topic, the video discusses revelations from the recent case between Microsoft and the FTC. It is revealed that Microsoft believes keeping Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones game exclusive to Xbox is worth potentially losing 10 million sales on PlayStation. This emphasizes Microsoft’s commitment to exclusivity and highlights how much revenue they believe they can generate by keeping these games exclusive. However, the YouTuber notes that Microsoft has signed a 10-year agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation, suggesting that their approach to exclusivity may vary depending on the game.

The video concludes with a highlight of a custom spaceship design created by a fan in Blender. The design looks fitting for the Starfield universe and showcases the potential for customizing and building ships within the game. The YouTuber expresses excitement about this feature and hopes that players will be able to share and import their own ship designs in the game.