Starfield - SPACE FLIGHT: My Take on WHAT IT'S LIKE!

In this video, the content creator discusses space flight in the upcoming game Starfield. They discuss the limitations and restrictions of space travel, as well as the enjoyable aspects such as encounters and interactions, and the customization of spaceships.

In this unstructured and unscripted video, the content creator discusses space flight in the upcoming game Starfield. The main concern about space flight is that spaceships are restricted in terms of distance and speed, meaning direct travel between planets is not possible. However, it is important to note that Starfield is an RPG set in space, not a space sim like Star Citizen or No Man’s Sky. Fast travel is also a point of contention, as players can travel to previously visited locations without their spaceship. This optional feature has received some criticism.

Bethesda has emphasized the importance of spaceships in Starfield, but they are ultimately optional. The content creator initially expected spaceships to play a more central and mandatory role, but is now satisfied with their implementation. While space flight feels limiting and disjointed due to the confined areas of travel and transitional screens, the content creator acknowledges that Starfield is not intended as a space sim and accepts these limitations.

Exploration within the space zones can be hit or miss, with some areas being empty while others offer various encounters and lootable items. Ship-to-ship encounters are particularly enjoyable, with unique interactions such as encountering a singing ship or being invited for dinner. The content creator appreciates these encounters as they add life to the game. Despite the restrictions in space flight, the overall space interactions, including spaceship customization, crew interactions, and the addition of workbenches and crafting stations, make spaceships feel like a useful and personal hub.

However, the content creator acknowledges that they spend more time outside their ship, exploring cities and planetary surfaces. They can go multiple play sessions without entering their ship, making the space flight and surface gameplay feel like two separate games. The scope of Starfield, with a significant amount of content on planets as well as in space, leads to mixed feelings about this separation.

Overall, the content creator finds space flight in Starfield to be an important aspect of the game, with encounters and interactions making it enjoyable despite its limitations. The customizable spaceships and their interiors contribute to a sense of home within the game. The content creator is torn between wanting seamless travel between locations and understanding the impact it would have on the overall game. They invite viewers to share their thoughts on space flight and spaceship mechanics in Starfield.