Starfield ships will be Unique

The video transcript discusses the unique design and potential capabilities of the ships in the upcoming game Starfield, comparing them to those in Star Citizen. The speaker highlights that while Starfield’s ships may not be directly comparable to Star Citizen’s, they will offer their own distinct style, gameplay features, and potentially large-scale ship-building opportunities.

The video transcript discusses the uniqueness of the ships in the upcoming game Starfield, comparing them to those in Star Citizen. The speaker acknowledges comments suggesting that Star Citizen has better ship aesthetics, but believes that Starfield ships will have their own unique design language. They mention that while the gameplay and design of Starfield may be great, there is uncertainty about whether the game will be a success or a disappointment, drawing a parallel with the launch of Fallout 76. While the speaker does not claim that the ships in Starfield will be better than those in Star Citizen, they do highlight that the ships in each game have distinct design characteristics.

The speaker then explores the capabilities and potential size of the ships in Starfield. They suggest that the ship designs seen so far indicate that players might have the ability to create significantly large ships, although there may be some restrictions. They also express interest in the possibility of equipping ships with powerful weapons, like railguns or lasers, similar to those found in Star Citizen’s ships. However, they note that the combat system and maneuverability in Starfield may not be as free as in Star Citizen, potentially resembling a more restricted style of space game.

In terms of gameplay features, the speaker ponders the potential for smuggling in Starfield and whether players will have the ability to hide contraband in hidden compartments within their ships, similar to the Mercury Star Runner in Star Citizen. They raise questions about whether authorities or other players will be able to detect these hidden compartments and whether there will be consequences for smuggling. The speaker expresses their excitement about exploring these features in depth and creating related content for the community.

The speaker concludes by emphasizing that the ships in Starfield will be completely unique in style and appearance. While they acknowledge that comparisons will inevitably be made between the ships in Starfield and Star Citizen, they argue that it is not fair to compare them directly. They believe that Starfield will offer the opportunity to build functional ships and potentially massive capital ships, but that the overall design and combat experience may be different from that of Star Citizen. They express hope that Starfield’s development will provide insights for Star Citizen’s own progress without overwhelming the latter with additional features.