Starfield Preview - It Blew me Away

The author just finished watching a 45-minute Starfield presentation and is extremely impressed with the game. They believe it has the potential to win Game of the Year and is a fantastic combination of elements from games like No Man’s Sky, Elite Dangerous, Fallout, and Oblivion. The author praises the character creation, the sandbox nature of the game, the vast number of planets to explore, and the immersive ship building and combat mechanics. They express excitement about the gunplay and the ability to take on various roles in the game, such as being a bounty hunter or establishing outposts on different planets. The author hopes that the game will live up to its potential and become a benchmark for AAA gaming

Overall, the author is captivated by Starfield and believes it has the potential to be a game-changer. They are particularly enthusiastic about the ship building, gunplay, and exploration aspects of the game. They express hope that Starfield will set a high standard for AAA gaming and encourage other companies to rethink their approaches. The author anticipates spending a significant amount of time playing the game if it delivers on its promises.