Starfield Playthrough Part 2 Character Creation

In the video, the player goes through the character creation process in Starfield, selecting facial features, hairstyle, and background. They carefully customize their character to resemble themselves and choose traits and a background that align with their desired gameplay style.

In this video, the player is introduced to the character creation process in the game Starfield. They start by selecting a standard face from a wide range of options, trying to find one that resembles them. They then move on to selecting the character’s hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and eyebrows, making adjustments to match their own features. The player spends time refining the character’s face, including the shape of the nose, mouth, and ears, as well as adjusting the chin and jawline. They also experiment with the character’s complexion, adding blemishes and scars to make the character look more realistic.

Once satisfied with the facial features, the player moves on to choosing a background for their character, such as a bounty hunter, pilot, or combat medic. They settle on an industrialist background, as they were an entrepreneur before. The player then selects traits for their character, opting for the Taskmaster trait, which increases combat effectiveness but may have negative consequences for actions the crew doesn’t like. They also choose to be from the United Colonies, which gives them access to special dialogues.

Lastly, the player gives their character the name “Prime Iran” and confirms their choices. The character is described as a rags to riches to rags story, transitioning from an industrialist to a contract miner in space. Overall, the player spends careful time and consideration in creating a character that resembles them, making choices that align with their desired background and traits in the game.