Starfield is trash! star citizen is so much better!

“Star Citizen is BETTER than Starfield, the game that BLATANTLY copies SC, No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous without offering anything NEW. Greasy fam, will you buy Starfield? Will you really buy this TRASH? If so, why?!”

In this video, the speaker starts off by expressing their preference for Star Citizen over Starfield. They then narrate their adventure in the game, starting with encountering a distress call and deciding to help. They land near Ghost Hollow and explore the vast open-world environment, marveling at the immersive experience and the ability to freely explore without loading screens or predetermined paths. They encounter other players, discover wreckage with stories, and engage in combat, ultimately being defeated by another player. Despite the setback, they reflect on the excitement and immersion provided by Star Citizen while expressing their dissatisfaction with Starfield.

Overall, the speaker highlights the captivating aspects of Star Citizen, such as the expansive and detailed universe, real player interactions, and the freedom to explore. They emphasize the excitement of encountering other players, finding wreckage with stories, and engaging in combat. However, they also express their negative opinion of Starfield, stating that it does not offer the same level of immersive gameplay and features as Star Citizen.