Starfield is already one of the games of all-time

The author is impressed by the gameplay footage and developer interviews of Starfield, praising its polished gameplay, improved combat mechanics, and density of planets. They express excitement for the depth of the game’s society, variety of rules and civilizations, and the ability to customize ships and settlements, leading them to believe that Starfield has the potential to be one of the greatest games of all time.

The author starts by acknowledging that there was initial hype around Starfield due to its similarities to No Man’s Sky, but now, after seeing 45 minutes of gameplay footage and developer interviews, they believe that the game has a lot of polish and potential. The gameplay loop in Starfield is similar to other Bethesda games, where players land on a planet, explore, complete missions, and then continue exploring. The author is impressed by the density of the planets shown in the gameplay footage and the improved combat mechanics.

They mention that while the game will run at 30 FPS on the Xbox Series X, they understand the reasoning behind prioritizing a detailed and expansive world over higher frame rates. The gameplay showcases the ability to freely explore the player’s ship and interact with the crew, as well as the option to customize the ship’s appearance. The game also includes space exploration, encounters with other ships, and the ability to board and steal them.

The author expresses excitement about the depth of the game’s society and the variety of rules and civilizations players can encounter. They discuss different regions of space with unique laws and the potential for engaging with different factions and NPCs. The cities in Starfield are described as huge and impressive, with multiple levels, factions, and the ability to interact with NPCs in meaningful ways. Facial animations have seen a significant improvement from previous footage, and the character creator is mentioned as providing a fun role-playing element.

The skill system in the game is praised for how it influences gameplay and allows for customization. The author notes that there are around 82 skills, each with four ranks, allowing for extensive character development. Ship customization and settlement building are highlighted as major features, with in-depth mechanics and the ability to create outposts on any planet. The author concludes by expressing enthusiasm for the game’s scope, possibilities, and player-led experience, as well as their anticipation for the release in September.