Starfield Has What Star Citizen Will Never Offer

"Starfield Has What Star Citizen Will Never Offer

Starfield is SOOOclose to release but for space game veterans there’s a key aspect of the game that’s been eluding them for years & Starfield has it. Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, & No Man’"

Starfield and Star Citizen are two highly anticipated space video games that have been in development for a considerable time. Starfield targets the single-player space fantasy, offering the player a personalised space adventure within a structured narrative. In contrast, Star Citizen aims to be a boundaryless space life simulator, where players can experience a vast universe with players and NPCs.

Star Citizen provides a comprehensive gaming world, turning usual background buildings into functional spaces. With this approach, the game offers numerous possibilities, such as players being able to hack doors, infiltrate buildings, and interact with a plethora of NPCs. Star Citizen offers more than just ship sales; it sells dreams of boundless activities within the vast universe it has created.

Starfield, on the other hand, plays on gamers’ imagination subtly. It presents general ideas and allows players to fill in the gaps. While Starfield is often dubbed as the “Star Citizen killer,” they cater to different niches – Starfield being a single-player RPG and Star Citizen an MMO. However, when it comes to expectations, Starfield bears the weight of every space game ever played.

Starfield’s defining feature is its narrative-focused RPG aspect. As such, the freedom players have is less about limitless exploration and more about character and story progression. As Bethesda’s first space game, players have the liberty to decide their character’s background, skillset, faction alignments, and more. The game focuses more on creating your adventure as the protagonist of the universe.

Both Star Citizen and Starfield have unique offerings that cater to different types of gamers. Star Citizen provides players with an immersive and boundless universe to explore at their discretion. However, Starfield provides players with a narrative-driven RPG experience where their choices shape the universe. Although both games have different approaches, they share the fundamental goal of providing players with an engaging and immersive space experience.