Starfield final video

“I’m putting my copy of starfield up on the shelf, but first I give my opinions on how it could have been done much better”

In this video, Daniel Raymond, the voice behind Ray’s Guide, discusses his thoughts on the video game Starfield. He initially started covering Starfield because he found it promising and different from other games, but he has noticed that the general opinion of the game is shrinking as players experience it. He mentions that Bethesda has announced an aggressive update schedule in hopes of redeeming the game, similar to the story arcs of Cyberpunk and No Man’s Sky. Daniel suggests some improvements that could have been made to the game, such as having interstellar travel take actual time and implementing a short hop travel option for exploring planets. He also criticizes the game for assuming players already know how to play a Bethesda game and not providing enough guidance for the main story quest. Daniel expresses disappointment in the game’s design choices, such as not requiring specific skills and the lack of consequences for player actions. He suggests that the game could have focused on the player becoming a vigilante crime fighter, similar to Batman, and creating a more engaging and immersive experience.