Starfield Exploration Guide | Skills & Techniques to Master Exploration Gameplay

This video provides a comprehensive guide on mastering the exploration gameplay in Starfield, a space game. It covers ship customization, piloting skills, planet surveying, resource mining, and the overall rewarding nature of the game’s environments and storytelling.

This video serves as a guide to help players master the exploration gameplay in the upcoming space game, Starfield. It discusses ship customization, emphasizing fuel and range, cargo space, and habitation modules for an exploration build. Shipbuilding is based on a modular system, with different categories such as cockpits, engines, and weapons. The video highlights the importance of balancing power slots and ensuring that modules are compatible with the ship’s reactor.

Once the ship is built and ready to fly, players can upgrade modules separately if needed. The piloting skill is recommended for better control and maneuverability, and managing thrust levels is crucial for optimal performance. The video also introduces the features of the ship, such as the science lab for processing resources and conducting research projects, and the command center for hiring crew members who provide skill bonuses.

The exploration process involves surveying planets from orbit and landing on the surface to scan various points of interest, resources, and flora/fauna. Skills are required to unlock new mods and items, providing a sense of progression in the game. Surveyed data can be sold to vendors for credits, with the value depending on the planet’s traits. Extreme conditions and marine life are factors to consider during planetary exploration, and mining resources efficiently using the right mouse button is a helpful tip.

Overall, the video showcases the gameplay mechanics and strategies for successful space exploration in Starfield, emphasizing the variety of points of interest, loot, quests, and the rewarding nature of the game’s environments and storytelling. The exploration aspect of the game offers a casual and enjoyable experience, making it an exciting addition to the Bethesda open-world genre.