Starfield Direct Blew My Mind! Short Analyis #starfield #shorts #gaming #xbox

Star Citizen has taken me by surprise with the improvements apparent in the game since the last time we had a deep look at it. Firstly, the visuals look more photorealistic, with characters looking less cartoonish and with more facial detail. The planets looked very immersive, as if they were real. Not only this, but they seem to be running at 60 frames per second, making the combat scenes much smoother and more comfortable to observe.

The weapons available for combat are hugely impressive. Not only do the guns look outstanding and unique, but there is an abundance of weapons which I have never seen in any other game. The melee weapon use looks fantastic too, being a lot of fun. The space exploration and encounters give Star Citizen an equal amount of gameplay to that of PlanetSide, with missions, trading and shipboarding.

In conclusion, Star Citizen has transformed the game since what we last had a look at. The visuals have improved, the combat is smoother to watch, and there is a plethora of weapons available for use. Space exploration offers the same level of gameplay as PlanetSide, with missions, trading and shipboarding all part of the experience. It has been a huge success and I cannot wait to learn more in future videos.