Free roam exploration on Codos!
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In this Starfield video, the player starts exploring after completing random missions and decides to take on a miscellaneous side quest. They express their excitement about the amount of content in the game, praising the depth of the faction quests and the overall immersive experience. They showcase Aquila City in the Cheyenne system and remark on the unique combination of rustic wood and chrome in the buildings.

The player discusses hiring specialists for their spaceship and enjoying the feeling of being called “Captain” and seeing everyone on board doing their duties. They mention the ability to sit in any chair on the ship and watch the outside world through the windows, observing the planetary and lunar rotations and the day-night cycle. They also mention the interesting orbital mechanics, with planets moving and forcing them to adjust their course.

Next, the player sets their sights on exploring the moon Codos in the Cheyenne system. They land on a swampy planet but decide it’s not interesting enough and move on to explore elsewhere. They eventually discover a more appealing location called Savannah and decide to head there, appreciating the different biomes and the ability to explore diverse environments.

The player comments on the impressive graphics and audio in the game, praising the attention to detail in the environment. They mention the ability to scan and interact with various flora and fauna, as well as the destructibility of the environment, such as cutting through sealed doors with a cutter. They encounter hostile creatures but find the overall exploration experience incredibly enjoyable.

The video concludes with the player expressing their love for Starfield and urging others to play the game, especially those who enjoy space exploration games. They express pity for those who dislike the game without giving it a chance and emphasize that they are having a great time immersing themselves in the vast and rich world of Starfield.